The roles and responsibilities of CITIZEN’S ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL CONCERN are:

i. Ensuring that marginalized groups of poor men and women are included on an equitable basis with other groups.
ii. Collecting, disseminating, and analyzing information on the environment.
iii. Providing input to agenda-setting and policy development processes on the environment.
iv. Performing operational functions.
v. Assessing environmental conditions and monitoring compliance of agreements entered by the government, multinational cooperation and other environmental minded institutions.
vi. Advocate and lobby for environmental friendly programmes that places the poor at the center of the design, control, oversight and evaluation of the development projects, programmes or policies that affect them.
vii. Cause policy, institutional and individual change that will improve the lives of women and children everywhere.
viii. Build alliances with well-meaning CSOs, FBOs, CBOs and other stakeholders in an attempt to integrate environment programmes into local and international institutions, and trade and investment bodies.
ix. Consultancy on various issues of the environment.