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Overall goal of the project is to contribute to sustainable environment development in Zambia through teaching a new generation of people to redefine what it is to be human and living this environment. The earlier this education can begin in a child’s life, the better the chances to realise our objective of having and leaving behind a clean and sustainable environment for the future generations.
The objectives of the project are to;
• To sensitize the public specially children on the importance of protecting, preserving and caring for the environment
• To educate schools and communities about consequences of unhealthy environment and benefits of clean environment. Through knowledge sharing, we anticipate that the community will be much more informed and aware of the long term consequences of their actions if they do not participate in ensuring a clean public space.
• To raise the collective awareness of the community to achieve clean public space. A community with collective awareness on clean public space will be more aware of their living space and the surrounding area which leads to a long term maintenance of the clean public places.

To donate to the CESCO Stand up for Zambia Campaign you can either go straight to your bank or use online banking to our dedicated account.

Click here for a printable donation document with our banking details.

Cesco Together we will project donation form

Take or send your donations to:
Finance Bank Zambia Ltd.
Embassy branch
Our account is:
Citizens Environmental & Social Concern
Branch Code: 110040
Account Number: 0400042271017