CESCo Zambia

CESCo - Our Vision

A dynamic Civil Society influencing policies and action at all levels to safeguard the environment; promote sustainable development and
enhance people to people aid.  

CESCO Zambia fighting plastic pollution

CESCo Mission Statement

To strengthen Civil Society partnership with the Government and the people, by enhancing participation, contribution to policy and stimulating action.

CESCo Values

The Citizen’s Environmental and Social Concern is committed to upholding the following values:
i. Promotion of public understanding of the impact of climate change
ii. Working to help mitigate negative impacts of environmental degradation
iii. Shaping of human responses to the people to people development
iv. Action for understanding the sustainable development through enhanced education

Social & Environmental Concerns

CESCO Zambia fighting plastic pollution
Cesco meetings 2021
CESCO Zambia fighting plastic pollution
CESCO Zambia fighting plastic pollution

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CESCO Zambia fighting plastic pollution
CESCO Zambia fighting plastic pollution

CESCo need your help

CESCo need your help to tackle these urgent environmental and social issues in Zambia today. Help us really make a difference by either joining us or making a donation to this important campaign. 

Citizen's Environmental & Social Concern (CESCo)

CITIZEN’S ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL CONCERN (CESCo) is a non-Governmental, non-Partisan, non-Profit making organization established under the NGO Act, No.16 of 2009 of the Laws of Zambia as a society.